1972 Europe Top 12

2nd edition
Zagreb, Yugoslavia

Antun Stipančic
Stellan Bengtsson
Dragutin Šurbek

1971 TOURNAMENT 1973

The second edition of Europe Top 12 brought together almost all the strongest players of the continent at the time. Due to illness, one of the favorites, Kjell Johansson, was forced to miss this tournament, and only eleven players took part in the competition. The local favorite 23-year-old Antun Stipančic won the tournament, leaving behind the Swedish star Stellan Bengtsson.


PlayerWinsLossesSets WSets LPlace
Antun Stipančic 821861
Stellan Bengtsson 821692
Dragutin Šurbek 731683
Istvan Jonyer6415104
Stanislav Gomozkov5513115
Tibor Klampar5511116
Istvan Korpa5511147
Milan Orlowski4610128
Milivoj Karakaševic377149
Jacques Secretin2861710
Eberhard Schöler2851611