Jacques Secretin

Born: 18/03/1949
Died: 24/11/2020
Height: 166 cm
Nationality: French
Style: Left-handed, Shakehand
Best WR: 2 (September 1976)


Jacques Secretin was born 18 March, 1949 in Carvin, France. He was one of the most popular table tennis players of his generation.
In 1977, he won the World Championships in mixed doubles event. Secretin won the European Championships 4 times, once in singles, doubles, mixed doubles & team event. On the professional circuit, French legend won 10 singles and 15 doubles titles. Secretin was a dominant player on the national level and during his career, he won the French Championships 38 times – 17 times in singles, 11 times in mixed doubles and 10 times in doubles event. On the club level, Secretin won 24 French Pro A titles, as well as two Champions League and one ETTU Cup title.
He died 25 November, 2020 at the age of 71.


1973 Sarajevo (Doubles)
1975 Kolkata (Doubles)
1977 Birmingham (Mixed Doubles)
1979 Pyongyang (Mixed Doubles)
1981 Novi Sad (Doubles)


1974 Novi Sad (Mixed Doubles)
1976 Prague (Singles) (Mixed Doubles & Team)
1978 Duisburg (Team)
1980 Bern (Doubles) (Singles)
1982 Budapest (Doubles)
1984 Moscow (Mixed Doubles & Team) (Singles)
1986 Prague (Team)


1979 Kristianstad
1980 Munich


1969 Belgian Open
1970 Spanish Open Luxembourg Open
1971 French Open Yugoslav Open Spanish Open
1974 Belgian Open French Open
1975 Hungarian Open
1976 Romanian Open German Open French Open Scandinavian Open Polish Open
1978 Romanian Open French Open
1979 Hungarian Open
1980 French Open Korea Open
1981 Czechoslovak Open Belgian Open
1982 English Open
1983 Welsh Open Hungarian Open Scandinavian Open
1985 Welsh Open Belgian Open


1971 Hungarian Open Yugoslav Open
1974 German Open Belgian Open French Open
1975 Hungarian Open Yugoslav Open
1976 German Open French Open Polish Open China Open
1977 Czechoslovak Open Hungarian Open Scandinavian Open French Open
1978 French Open
1979 Czechoslovak Open
1980 German Open Scandinavian Open French Open Korea Open
1981 Belgian Open Scandinavian Open
1982 English Open French Open
1984 English Open French Open
1985 Welsh Open Czechoslovak Open Belgian Open


1965 Tours (Singles & Doubles)
1966 Nancy (Singles)
1967 Marseille (Singles & Doubles)
1968 Amiens (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1969 Le Havre (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1970 Toulouse (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1971 Troyes (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1972 Dinan (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1973 Cannes (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1974 Oyonnax (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1975 Thonon les Bains (Singles & Mixed Doubles)
1976 Caen (Singles & Doubles)
1977 Tours (Singles & Doubles)
1978 La Roche Sur Yon (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1979 Montpellier (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1980 Besancon (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1981 Luneville (Singles) (Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1982 Saint-Chamond (Singles) (Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1983 Valenciennes (Doubles) (Singles & Mixed Doubles)
1984 Orleans (Doubles) (Singles)
1985 St. Pierre du Mont (Doubles) (Singles)
1986 Saint-Quentin (Singles & Doubles)
1987 Hagondange (Singles)
1988 Dijon (Doubles)
1989 Bordeaux (Doubles)


1970 France 1st (AS Messine Paris)
1971 France 1st (AS Messine Paris)
1972 France 1st (AS Messine Paris)
1973 France 1st ETTU Cup (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1974 France 1st Champions League (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1975 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1976 France 1st Champions League (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1978 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1979 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1980 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1981 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1982 Champions League (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1983 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1984 France 1st (CSA Kremlin-BicĂȘtre)
1986 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
1987 France 1st ETTU Cup (Levallois UTT)
1988 France 1st ETTU Cup (Levallois UTT)
1989 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
1990 France 1st Champions League (Levallois UTT)
1991 France 1st Champions League (Levallois UTT)
1992 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
1993 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
1994 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
1995 France 1st Champions League (Levallois UTT)
1996 France 1st Champions League (Levallois UTT)
1997 France 1st Champions League (Levallois UTT)
1998 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
1999 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
2000 France 1st (Levallois UTT)
2001 France 1st (Levallois UTT)