The TOP 10 highest ranked players at 2023 WTTC – looking back at their past success

An infographic featuring the Top 10 highest-ranked players before the 2023 World Table Tennis Championships in Durban.

As the World Championships is approaching, we recently published a video about the 10 most accomplished players in WTTC history. Definitely give it a watch.

However, the question of, who will see the glory in Durban, remains to be answered. Obviously, the Chinese national team is keen to take all the gold medals possible, and they will present all their best players in South Africa. Fan Zhendong, Wang Chuqin, and of course, the legendary Ma Long as well.

In the infographic below, you can see all the highest-ranked players before the World Championships, and the amount of success they had in previous WTTC editions. Some are well-accomplished already, but most of them are still dreaming of their first gold at the biggest stage. The Brazilian star Hugo Calderano is yet to enjoy the feeling winning of a medal at the World Championships since he’s the only one from the Top 10 who has never won any.

Will there be any massive surprises, or this will be another tournament of China’s continued success? We will find that out very soon!

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