Stanisław Frączyk

Born: 02/12/1952
Height: 184 cm
Nationality: Polish/Austrian
Style: Right-handed, Shakehand


Stanisław Frączyk was born 2 December, 1952 in Lodz, Poland. Later in his career, he represented Austria on international arena.
On national level, Frączyk is a 6-time Polish champion – three times in singles, twice in doubles and once, in mixed doubles event. He also is a 8-time Austrian champion – three times in doubles and mixed doubles events and twice, in singles event. On club level, Frączyk won 5 Austrian Bundesliga and two Polish Superliga titles.


1971 Warszawa (Doubles)
1972 Pabianice (Doubles) (Singles)
1974 Lublin (Doubles)
1975 Gliwice (Singles) (Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1976 Lublin (Singles & Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1977 Krosno (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1978 Stalowa Wola (Singles)
1979 Wroclaw (Mixed Doubles)
1980 Gdansk (Doubles) (Singles)
1985 Innsbruck (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1986 Wilhelmsburg (Doubles & Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
1987 Salzburg (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1988 Stockerau (Doubles) (Singles)
1989 Judenburg (Singles & Doubles)
1990 Kremsmünster (Singles)
1992 Dornbirn (Doubles)
1993 Perg (Singles & Doubles)
1994 Eisenstadt (Mixed Doubles)


1972 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1973 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1974 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1975 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1977 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1978 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1979 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1980 Poland 1st (Włókniarz Łódź)
1982 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1983 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1984 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1985 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1986 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1987 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1989 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1990 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1991 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)
1992 Austria 1st (UTTC Stockerau)