Rein Lindmäe

Born: 17/03/1953
Height: 183 cm
Nationality: Soviet/Estonian 
Style: Right-handed, Shakehand


Rein Lindmäe was born 17 March, 1953 in Tallinn, Soviet Union (now Estonia). He is the father of Erik Lindmäe.
In 1973, he was a part of the Soviet Union team that won the bronze medals at the World Championships team event. In 1982, Lindmäe became the Soviet Union champion in doubles event. On the national level, he is a 37-time Estonian champion – 16 times in doubles, 11 times in mixed doubles and 10 times in singles event. On club level, Lindmäe is a 12-time winner of the Estonian Meistriliiga, 2-time champion of the Latvian Higher League and once, he won the Finnish Higher League title.


1973 Sarajevo (Team)


1969 Tartu (Singles & Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1970 Tallinn (Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1971 Tallinn (Doubles & Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
1972 Tallinn (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1973 Tallinn (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1975 Tallinn (Singles & Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1976 Tallinn (Doubles & Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
1977 Tallinn (Singles) (Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1978 Tallinn (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1979 Tallinn (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1980 Karaganda (Mixed Doubles) Tallinn (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1981 Karaganda (Doubles) Tallinn (Singles & Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1982 Leningrad (Doubles) Tallinn (Doubles & Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
1983 Tallinn (Singles) (Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1984 Tallinn (Doubles) (Singles)
1985 Tallinn (Mixed Doubles) (Doubles) (Singles)
1986 Tallinn (Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
1987 Tallinn (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1990 Tallinn (Mixed Doubles) (Singles & Doubles)
1993 Tallinn (Doubles) (Singles)
1994 Tallinn (Doubles) (Singles)
1995 Tallinn (Doubles)
1996 Tallinn (Doubles)
2006 Tallinn (Mixed Doubles)
2008 Tallinn (Doubles)
2009 Tallinn (Doubles)
2010 Tallinn (Doubles)
2012 Tallinn (Mixed Doubles)
2013 Tallinn (Doubles)


1969 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1970 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1971 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1973 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1974 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1975 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1976 Estonia 1st (Tartu TR)
1977 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1978 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1979 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1980 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1981 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1982 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1983 Estonia 1st (TRET)
1985 Estonia 1st (TRET)
1991 Finland 1st (PT 75)
1992 Finland 1st (PT 75)
1993 Estonia 1st (Tallinna Kalevi Tennisekool)
1994 Estonia 1st (Tallinna Kalevi Tennisekool)
1995 Estonia 1st (Tallinna SS Kalev)
1996 Estonia 1st (Tallinna SS Kalev)
2000 Estonia 1st (SK Pinx)
2001 Estonia 1st (SK Pinx)
2003 Estonia 1st (SK Pinx)
2005 Estonia 1st (Valgu LTK Pingo)
2007 Estonia 1st (Valgu LTK Pingo)
2008 Estonia 1st (Valgu LTK Pingo)
2010 Estonia 1st (Valgu LTK Pingo)
2011 Estonia 1st (LTK Pingpong)
2012 Estonia 1st (LTK Pingpong) Finland 2nd (TIP-70)
2013 Estonia 1st (LTK Pingpong)
2014 Estonia 1st (LTK Pingpong)
2015 Estonia 1st (LTK Pingpong)
2017 Latvia 1st (GTK Baltais)
2018 Latvia 1st (GTK Baltais)
2019 Estonia 1st (Mustvee LTK)
2020 Estonia 1st (Mustvee LTK)