Igor Solopov

Born: 17/04/1961
Died: 12/06/2019
Height: 182 cm
Nationality: Soviet/Estonian
Style: Right-handed, Shakehand
Best WR: 33 (1981)


Igor Solopov was born 17 April, 1961 in Magnitogorsk, Soviet Union. After the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991, Solopov represented Estonia, where he lived since 1979.
He was one of the leading European defenders in his prime. As a member of the Soviet Union national team, Solopov won the bronze medal at the 1978 European Championships. He was a 3-time Soviet champion – twice in singles and once in doubles, and a 12-time Estonian champion – 6 times in singles, 5 in mixed doubles and 4 in doubles. On the club level, Solopov won one Soviet Higher League title and 6 Estonian Meistriliiga titles in his career.
He died 15 June 2019 at the age of 58.


1978 Duisburg (Team)


1980 Karaganda (Singles & Doubles)
1981 Karaganda (Singles) Tallinn (Doubles)
1982 Leningrad (Mixed Doubles)
1983 Lviv (Mixed Doubles)
1984 Tallinn (Singles) (Doubles)
1985 Yerevan (Singles) (Doubles)
1986 Tallinn (Singles) (Doubles)
1987 Tallinn (Singles)
1989 Aseri (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
1990 Tallinn (Singles & Mixed Doubles) (Doubles)
1991 Tallinn (Doubles) (Singles & Mixed Doubles)
1993 Tallinn (Singles & Doubles)
1995 Tallinn (Singles)
1996 Tallinn (Singles)


1977 Soviet 1st (RSFSR)
1978 Soviet 1st (Trud)
1979 Estonia 1st (Maardu Kalev)
1981 Estonia 1st (TPedI)
1982 Estonia 1st (TPedI)
1983 Estonia 1st (TPedI)
1984 Estonia 1st (TPedI)
1985 Estonia 1st (TPedI)
1986 Estonia 1st (Tallinngaas)
1987 Estonia 1st (TPedI)
1988 Estonia 1st (Tallinngaas)
1990 Sweden 1st (Ängby SK)
2011 Sweden 5th (Rotebro BTK)