Truls Moregardh confidently takes the 2022 Swedish national title

2022 Swedish National Table Tennis Championships took place in Karlskrona, and the 20-year-old Swedish star Truls Moregardh enjoyed the glory in the singles event.

Moregardh’s way to his third singles title was relatively smooth up until the semi-finals stage, where he faced German Bundesliga star Anton K√§llberg. The game was very close, and K√§llberg twice had the lead. Moregardh was able to turn the game around in the last two sets, winning the last one 11-8 and the game 4-3.

His opponent in the final was the 31-year-old Viktor Brodd. It was kind of a breakthrough for Brodd. In previous years, he managed to win three titles in the doubles event, as well as several silver and bronze medals. However, he never won any medal in the singles event. 2022 changed that. On his way to the final, Brodd got a win against Malte Moregardh, then Elias Ranefur, and in the semi-finals – against one of Europe’s finest, Mattias Falck.

Similar to the Moregardh-Källberg match-up, Brodd and Falck provided a great spectacle to the local fans. Falck led the course of the match several times, but every time, Brodd managed to climb back and eventually advance to the final after a 4-3 win.

The final, however, turned out to be pretty much one-sided. Brodd managed to take one set, but Moregardh strongly overpowered his opponent in all the other sets, winning his third Swedish singles title confidently 4-1.

In the doubles event, the gold medals were earned by the experienced veterans of the Swedish table tennis Рthe 42-year-old Jens Lundqvist and 38-year-old Pär Gerell. In the final, they got a 3-1 win against Anton Källberg and Elias Ranefur. Källberg managed to taste the victory in the mixed doubles event. Together with his sister, Christina, Källberg won the finals match-up 3-1 against Jonathan McDonald and Jennifer Jonsson.


Truls Moregardh
Viktor Brodd
Mattias Falck
Anton Källberg

Jens Lundqvist & Pär Gerell
Anton Källberg & Elias Ranefur
Mattias Falck & Wilhelm Kindblad
Simon Arvidsson & Fabian Åkerström

Anton Källberg & Christina Källberg
Jonathan McDonald & Jennifer Jonsson
Alve Sjövold & Linda Bergström
Fabian Åkerström & Erika Front

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