TTC Wiener Neustadt enjoys the glory in the Austrian Bundesliga

Already before the final, it was clear that there will be a new champion in the Austrian Bundesliga. During the regular season, TTC Wiener Neustadt had a better success in the head-to-head games, winning 4-0 and having a 3-3 draw. The final proved to be a continuation of this successful performances against UTTC Salzburg.

The final match started began with a 3-1 win of Salzburg’s 21-year old Japanese Koyo Kanamitsu over the German Felix Wetzel. Japanese overall looked like the only chance for Salzburg to hope for a win in this match up. In the following games, he got another 3-1 win – this time against the experienced Czech Tomas Konečny. However, these were the only moments when Salzburg players could cheer.

All the other games proved to be a success for Wiener Neustadt and it was a great compensation for the recent nerve-wracking 1/4 finals loss in the 2020/21 ETTU Cup, where Austrian club loss to the Italian Top Spin Messina 0-3. However, all three games ended with a five set battle. Austrians were just a step away from the medals. Nevertheless, Tomas Konečny, Andy Pereira and Felix Wetzel earned the first Bundesliga title for Wiener Neustadt. A moment to remember for the club that was playing in the Austrian 2.Bundesliga four seasons ago.


4 TTC Wiener Neustadt
2 UTTC Salzburg
Felix Wetzel – Koyo Kanamitsu 1-3
Tomas Konečny – Francisco Sanchi 3-0
Andy Pereira – Carlo Rossi 3-0
Tomas Konečny/Andy Pereira – Koyo Kanamitsu/Carlo Rossi 3-2
Tomas Konečny – Koyo Kanamitsu 1-3
Felix Wetzel – Francisco Sanchi 3-1

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