Oļegs Kartuzovs

Born: 08/05/1987
Height: 184 cm
Nationality: Latvian
Style: Right-handed, Shakehand
Best WR: 357 (January 2015)


Oļegs Kartuzovs was born 8 May, 1987 in Rīga, Latvia.
He is a 14-time Latvian champion – 5 times doubles and mixed doubles, and 4 times, in singles event. On club level, Kartuzovs has won one Estonian Meistriliiga and Latvian Higher League title.


2008 Rīga (Doubles)
2010 Kuldīga (Mixed Doubles) (Singles) (Doubles)
2011 Kuldīga (Mixed Doubles) (Singles) (Doubles)
2012 Kuldīga (Doubles) (Mixed Doubles)
2013 Kuldīga (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
2014 Ventspils (Doubles) (Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
2015 Kuldīga (Singles) (Doubles)
2016 Kuldīga (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
2017 Rīga (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
2018 Rīga (Doubles & Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
2019 Saldus (Silver) (Mixed Doubles)
2020 Saldus (Singles) (Doubles & Mixed Doubles)
2021 Salaspils (Doubles) (Singles & Mixed Doubles)
2022 Salaspils (Mixed Doubles) (Singles)
2023 Ķekava (Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles)


2004 Latvia 1st (Universitātes Sports)
2010 Estonia 1st (Viljandi LTK Sakala)
2011 Estonia 1st (Viljandi LTK Sakala)
2012 Estonia 1st (Tallinna LTK Kalev)
2013 Germany 2nd (Post SV Mühlhausen)
2014 Germany 3rd (Post SV Mühlhausen II)
2015 Germany 3rd (Post SV Mühlhausen II)
2018 Latvia 1st (Aloja-M)
2021 Latvia 1st (Rēzeknes BJSS)
2022 Latvia 1st (Rēzeknes BJSS)