Matīss Burģis

Born: 31/08/1989
Height: 189 cm
Nationality: Latvian
Style: Right-handed, Shakehand
Best WR: 100 (November 2012)


Matīss Burģis was born 31 August, 1989 in Priekule, Latvia.
In 2012, Burģis competed in the Olympic Games in London. He is a 12-time Latvian champion – 5 times in singles, 4 times in doubles and 3 times in mixed doubles event. On the club level, Burģis has won three Swiss Nationalliga A and two Latvian Higher League titles.


2004 Rīga (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
2005 Rīga (Mixed Doubles) (Singles, Doubles)
2006 Rīga (Singles) (Mixed Doubles)
2008 Rīga (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
2009 Liepāja (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
2011 Kuldīga (Singles, Doubles)
2012 Kuldīga (Singles, Doubles)


2002 Latvia 1st (Ezermala KSS)
2004 Latvia 1st (Ezermala KSS)
2005 Germany 4th (TTC 1957 Lampertheim)
2006 Germany 3rd (TTC 1957 Lampertheim)
2007 Germany 3rd (TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau II)
2010 Germany 1st (TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau)
2013 Germany 2nd (Post SV Mühlhausen)
2016 Switzerland 1st (TTC Wil)
2017 Switzerland 1st (TTC Wil)
2018 Switzerland 1st (TTC Wil)
2019 Switzerland 1st (TTC Wil)
2020 Switzerland 1st (TTC Wil)