Žeimys – the absolute champion of 2021 Lithuanian Table Tennis Championships

From 7-9 May, 2021, the championship was held in the town of Rietavas. On the way to the final, the eventual champion Kestutis Žeimys in the 1/4 finals overcame the number one seed of the tournament Alfredas Udra, who is a 5-time Lithuanian champion, and twice has been the absolute champion. His opponent in the finals, 29-year old Matas Vilkas (Nr. 2 seed of the tournament) won Rimas Lesiv in the 1/4 finals and Agnius Kačerauskas in the semi-finals. In the final, Žeimys got a comfortable 4-1 win and secured the second Lithuanian singles title in his career, previously winning it in 2010.

The experienced Lithuanian, who plays for the German club TTSF Hohberg also enjoyed a great success in the doubles and mixed doubles events. In doubles, together with Ignas Navickas, they won the gold medal in a tough 3-2 match up against Matas Vilkas & Matas Skučas. Journey towards the gold medal in the mixed doubles event was less nerve-wracking and Žeimys together with Vitalija Venckute got a 3-0 win in the final game against Valdas Martinkus and Lina Martinke.


Kestutis Žeimys
Matas Vilkas
Agnius Kačerauskas
Valdas Martinkus
Kestutis Žeimys/Ignas Navickas
Matas Vilkas/Matas Skučas
Valdas Martinkus/Paulius Gūra
Arnoldas Domeika/Tonetas Domeika
Kestutis Žeimys/Vitalija Venckute
Valdas Martinkus/Lina Martinke
Matas Vilkas/Kornelija Riliškyte
Ignas Navickas/Laura Abaravičiūte

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