Skachkov gets the final spot in the Olympic qualification in Doha

In the first phase of qualification, Kirill Skachkov (WR 55) lost in a tough semi-finals match up against the experienced Greek defender Panagiotis Gionis (WR 49) 3-4. However, in the second phase of the qualification, he got past the Ukrainian Lei Kou (WR 56) 4-1, then relatively easily got a 4-0 win over the 25-year old Belgian Florent Lambiet to book himself a place in the final against the Englishman Liam Pitchford (WR 15). The English international continued to struggle in Doha and the experienced Russian got a 4-1 win.

Skachkov joined the 33-year old Czech Lubomir Jancarik (WR 94), 23-year old Hungarian Bence Majoros (WR 61) and 26-year old Slovakian defender Yang Wang (WR 34), who all were successful in the first phase of qualification and also got their place in the Tokyo Olympics.

Today started the 2020 Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament in Doha. From 13 to 17 April, South American players will get a chance to earn their place in the Tokyo Olympics and 21 to 25 April will be another chance for the European players to get the final tickets to Japan.

Lubomir Jančarik Lei Kou 4-0
Bence Majoros Florent Lambiet 4-1
Yang Wang – Panagiotis Gionis 4-2
Kirill Skachkov Liam Pitchford 4-1

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