The Top Chinese Table Tennis Talents To Watch In 2022

China has been dominating table tennis for the last few decades. One great generation has been replaced by another – even greater. However, even the leading players cannot beat the father time. Let’s look at the young Chinese talents who might shine in 2022.

2021 World Table Tennis Championships did not feature the 3-time World Champion in singles Ma Long and his national team comrade Xu Xin. Both of these players have won plenty of medals for the Chinese team – however, the high internal competition and workload take their toll.

In our latest video, we look at some of the fresh names from China – young talents who might become members of the first team in a foreseeable future. Internal competition in China is very high, and to be among the players who get the chance to play in the professional tours, and in the official tournaments around the World – they have to prove their value in the Chinese Super League and other local competitions. You might hear names like Lin Shidong or Xiang Peng winning medals at some WTT event soon.

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