The rise of Anton Källberg in the German Bundesliga

Due to the Worldwide pandemic, many table tennis players were stripped the opportunity to see their growth in the World Rankings. Anton Källberg is one of the players, who probably suffered this tournament shortage the most. He enjoyed a steady progress throughout the 2020/21 German Bundesliga season with Borussia Düsseldorf club and there are no doubts that the Swede would have earned plenty of points in the ITTF/WTT tournaments as well.

However, the season in the Bundesliga has been a success so far and Källberg has led his club to the Bundesliga finals, where Borussia will have to overcome the 1. FC Saarbrücken to win another trophy in their highly successful history. We brought together some of the statistics of the Swedish player in the Bundesliga and looked a bit on his career until the point, when he moved to Germany in 2014.

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