Karakaševic still a Bundesliga material at 45

After spending two seasons in the 4th and 3rd tier of the German league system, Serbian table tennis legend Aleksandar Karakaševic joined TTC Zugbrücke Grenzau before the 2020/21 season. Now the regular season is over and Karakaševic proved that he is still a Bundesliga material.

Grenzau did not had the easiest run in 2020/21 season, finishing just 11th out of 12 teams and winning only 3 matchups out of 22. 45-year old Karakaševic was still able to be a solid contributor for his club. He brought 4 out of Grenzau’s 17 total individual wins. Being known as a specialist in doubles, King Kara won two out of three doubles matchups together with his teammate Cristian Pletea.

Overall, Grenzau had a similar contribution from all of its players. The 20-year old Greek Ioannis Sgouropoulos won 6 games out of 25, Cristian Pletea won 4 games out of 20 and Robin Devos 3 out of 14 games.

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